19 Apr 20

'Only thing more brilliant than inventing something that makes you invisible is not inventing it, but making you think he did.' - Tom Griffin

The Invisible Man

Tom :

This is written and directed by the Saw guy Leigh Whannell. We watched another sci-fi Whannell this week (Upgrade) which was also really good; I'm starting to really rate this guy. The Invisible Man follows Elizabeth Moss as she separates from an abusive relationship but suspects her boyfriend is still tormenting her. It's extremely entertaining and Moss puts in an amazing performance as essentially the only significant character in the film. Well worth a watch.

Similar to: Hollow Man

The Gentlemen

Hannah :

The Gentlemen is Guy Richie's latest. Set up to in a similar vein to his previous gritty crime films Snatch and Lock Stock, I was looking forward to it. It had quite a few great actors in it too so I was excited. It started off slow and unexciting but picked up eventually and then was funny, fast paced and complicated which is what I was hoping for. Matthew McConaughey was beautiful as he always is, Colin Farrell was fab but wasn't in it enough, and an almost unrecognisable Hugh Grant stole the show imo. I thought it was lacking in some areas: missing some of the key aspects of what makes Ritchie's other earlier crime films so good. 1. I didn't feel immersed in a whole different culture/world/slang. 2. Too many of the characters were either a bit bland or too robotic/scripted (think of all the amazing Snatch personalities). And 3. The dialogue was a bit too slow and clunky at times. But we can't just compare all movies to really good movies, I still really liked this

Similar to: Snatch


Tom :

1917 is an special cinematic experience. Sam Mendes tells the story (apparently his grandfather's) of a perilous communications mission given to two young soldiers during WW1. The entire mission and film takes place in, what looks to the viewer, a single shot which sprawls across a few days and the french countryside. It's a beautiful film and very impressively crafted. The plot contours and the dialogue could have been a bit more polished i thought but it's an excellent film and in my book it's one of the 5-10 best war movies ever made.

Similar to: Saving Private Ryan

Other films we watched

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