7 June 20

Shotgun! Just kidding, don't have one' - Amy


Tom :

Amy and Molly are over-acheiving seniors heading off to good colleges who decide to attend their first high school party on graduation eve. Booksmart is Olivia Wilde's directiorial debut and was unusually divisive for Hannah and I; I thought it was top shelf and one of the better coming-of-age high scool comedies I'd seen and Hannah thought it was only a slightly above average comedy. Rotten Tomatoes is on my side here though, with a eye watering 97% rating. The writing is funny, the characters are very original, and while the story is a little derivative (it's amazingly similar to the Superbad plot) the performances are amazing and I found it extremely entertaining. Lastly, the main character Molly is played by Beanie Feldstein who is Jonah Hill's real life sister which I was gobsmacked by; the Superbad throughlines must be intentional. Watch this film.

Similar to: Superbad

The Hunt

Tom :

The Hunt is a politically themed horror-comedy where a dozen republican / trump supporters are kidnapped and hunted for sport by democrats confirming their Manorgate conspiracy theory. Much like The Oath I reviewed a few editions ago this is an extremely current political satire with the main characters satirising the real life Qanon consipiracy cult with characters referencing Qanon concepts like Soros funded crisis actors. There's a few really good and funny political satire scenes but they aren't frequent enough; the dialogue is really good but probably only enough for an excellent 30 minute film, the rest is filler. The action is good fun though and it remains worth a watch.

Similar to: The Oath


Hannah :

We watched Bombshell after starting the Epstein doco, which I would not recommend. It tells the story of disgusting old rapist Roger Ailes who was the CEO of Fox News. I actually didn’t know this story, so I found the ending a bit less exciting than expected, but thats probably because its real and not a Hollywood story. I think with a movie based on true events is always a better viewing experience when you have a good sense of the events/timelines. Margot Robbie was great as one of the victims/exposers, but I though Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron were pretty mediocre. John Lithgow (3rd Rock from the Sun) played Ailes well, suitably repulsive without being cartoonish.

Similar to: Boy Erased

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