9 June 18

'You never loved me. You just loved how much I loved you.' - Mother


Hannah :

The fact that this movie title conspicuously begins with a lowercase letter already hints at the weirdness that follows. It has a great cast – J-law, Jarvier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer (man that is a strange surname to spell) and Ed Harris, who all do a killer job. Before I started watching it, I was ready for a weird arty film. You know those ones that contain seemingly nonsensical scenes that feel like they are trying to suggest a deeper ‘meaning’ but then at the end, nothing makes any sense? But wait! This is actually not one of those. Not only was it engaging to watch, it actually all (mostly) seemed to flow and connect. But what I loved most about this film was reading about it afterwards, and having a billion ‘a-ha’ moments when I realised what was actually happening, which I highly recommend doing (but after watching obviously).

Similar to: Black Swan

Hounds Of Love

Tom :

Following what seems to be a new Australian cinematic trend (gritty and chilling true crime) we follow the abduction and torture of a 17 year old Perth girl in the 1980s by a very odd couple. Apparently drawing inspiration from a raft of different true crime stories, it supposedly most resembles the serial abduction, rape, and murders committed by David and Catherine Birnie in the 1980s. This film is every bit as disturbing & harrowing as Snowtown; and if you’ve seen that movie you know that’s saying something. Stephen Curry (“If Dad is the backbone, mum is the other bones. All of ’em” - Dale Kerrigan) plays a slightly different character to Dale in this film; he plays the chilling psycopathic John Bunting character (who also violently murders a dog for good measure). Both the other performances (Vicki and Evelyn) were exceptional. The tension and apprehension this film inspires until the very last moment is really something else. If you like this Snowtown / Silence of the Lambs style movie-stress you’ll love this movie.

Similar to: Snowtown

Atomic Blonde

Tom :

Charlize Theron plays a spy who has been sent to Berlin to recover a list of double agents, the release of which could jepordize the conclusion of the cold war. It’s generally not a good sign when you open wikipedia half way through to understand the story and the characters because a) the movie’s probably too complicated and b) you don’t care enough to figure it out by watching more intently. The only positive takeaway was an excellent action scene towards the end of the film where Charlize Theron’s character takes on about 10 guys in hand-to-hand combat; the scene came out of nowhere and blew me away. The rest of the film was extremely forgettable.

Similar to: Salt

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